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Chart Table Diagram Chart Table Diagram Chart Table Diagram Chart Table Diagram

On This page you will find a number of Tables, Charts, Diagrams, Graphs, Constants and Cheat Sheets etc. most of which I made when I was at college at the end of the 90’s on my old 386 and 486 computers (Yes, I’m that old !!) when screen resolutions were much lower e.g. 640 x 480. Most of these tables and charts etc. were made in the Microsoft Paint programme as a way for me to learn and remember these constants and formula etc. As a dyslexic person this really helped me a lot, I have uploaded them in the hope that these will be of some use to others trying to find an easy and convenient way to learn and remember.

The tables and charts with shapes in them are all saved as .gif or .bmp files so you can easily copy and past the shapes in to your work with easy as they have transparent backgrounds and do not require lots of editing or cleaning up.

NB : One or two of the thumb nail images may look a little blurry on this page, but click on them to see the full size image and you will find they are sharp images.

Chart Table Diagram Chart Table Diagram Chart Table Diagram Chart Table Diagram

Chart Table Diagram Mathematics_Number_Squer_By_Anthony_Matabaro_From_WWW_Matabaro_CO_UK Mathematics_Prime_Numbers_By_Anthony_Matabaro_From_WWW_Matabaro_CO_UK

Electronics_Symbals_By_Anthony_Matabaro_From_WWW_Matabaro_CO_UK_thum Chart Table Diagram Mathematics_Perimeter_By_Anthony_Matabaro_From_WWW_Matabaro_CO_UK_thum

Chart Table Diagram Chart Table Diagram

Chart Table Diagram Mathematics_Farctions_By_Anthony_Matabaro_From_WWW_Matabaro_CO_UK_thum Mathematics_Pythagorus_Throm_By_Anthony_Matabaro_From_WWW_Matabaro_CO_UK_thum

Mathematics_Shapes_Document_-1_By_Anthony_Matabaro_From_WWW_Matabaro_CO_UK_thum Mathematics_Shapes_Document_2_By_Anthony_Matabaro_From_WWW_Matabaro_CO_UK_thum Mathematics_Shapes_Document_By_Anthony_Matabaro_From_WWW_Matabaro_CO_UK


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