Linux Terminal Commands List – Most Common – Used – Useful


BOUNS: Here Are A Few Keyboard Shortcuts For Linux As Well:

(Scroll Down For The Terminal Commands)


Keyboard Shortcut Combination: WHAT THE Shortcut(s) DOES:
Open TerminalCtrl+Alt+T
Clear Terminal Screen Of TextCtrl+L
Goes to DOS style CLI environmentCtrl+Alt+F2


You Can Copy And Past The Commands Straight Into The Linux Terminal:


Displays MAC Address.arp -a
Displays hostname and hostname's MAC address.arp HOSTNAME_GOES_HEARE
Loads the BASH shell (Type exit in bash to return to your previous shell environment).bash
Displays a text based
Displays all available shells on the device.
cat (Or) etc (Or) shells
Allows you to change the directory by typing the directory path after the
Clears the screen of the current text.
Copy file to a new file.cp FILE NEW_FILE
Copy a file from one directory to another.cp DIRECTORY NEW_DIRECTORY
Displays the current
Displays the file system as 1K blocks etc.df
Displays domain information.dig + DOMAIN_NAME_GOES_HEARE
List directory.dir
List directory all.dir -a
Turns off echo.echo off
Turns on echo.echo on
Exit the terminal environment.exit
Displays the help
Displays TCP/IP information.ifconfig
Close an application you click on.killx
Close an application when you can not see it onscreen.killall APPLICATION_NAME_GOES_HERE
Locate any file or command.locate STRING
List directory
List directory contents long -la
List directory contents including hidden -a
Make a new directory.mkdir
Make multiple new directories.mkdir -p FULL_DIRECTORY_NAME_GOES_HERE
Review text file, use "space bar" to move down the file and "q" to quite.more FILE_NAME
Review the Linux system user accounts info, use "space bar" to move down the file and "q" to quite.more ETC PASSWORD
Simple text editor.nano FILE_NAME
Allows you to perform an echo test to an IP address or domain IP_ADDRESS_OR_DOMAIN_NAME_GOES_HERE
List currently running
List currently running -a
List currently running process -A
List currently running process.
ps -d
List currently running -d -N
List currently running -e
Print working directory.pwd
Remove directory.redir
Remove file.rm FILE_NAME
Remove directory case sensitive.rm -R DIRECTORY_NAME_GOES_HERE
Stop a job from running.stop + JOB_NAME_GOES_HEAR
Execute commands as root user (Administrator).sudo
Switch user to root user (Administrator).sudo su
Install software.sudo apt-get install
Displays the Bandwidth usage by
Displays the current time.time
Allows you to trace IP address or domain name via hops across the network back to the source.traceroute IP_ADDRESS_OR_DOMAIN_NAME_GOES_HERE
Command based FILE_NAME
Displays domain information.whois

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