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Rendering, With Regard To CGI (Computer Generated Images) And The Use Of Render Engines 

Rendering is the process of generating an image from a 2D or 3D model (or models in what collectively could be called a scene file) by means of computer programs. Also, the results of such a model can be called a rendering. A scene file contains objects in a strictly defined language or data structure; it would contain geometry, viewpoint, texture, lighting, and shading information as a description of the virtual scene. The data contained in the scene file is then passed to a rendering program to be processed and output to a digital image orraster graphics image file. The term “rendering” may be by analogy with an “artist’s rendering” of a scene. Though the technical details of rendering methods vary, the general challenges to overcome in producing a 2D image from a 3D representation stored in a scene file are outlined as the graphics pipeline along a rendering device, such as a GPU. A GPU is a purpose-built device able to assist a CPU in performing complex rendering calculations. If a scene is to look relatively realistic and predictable under virtual lighting, the rendering software should solve the rendering equation. The rendering equation doesn’t account for all lighting phenomena, but is a general lighting model for computer-generated imagery. ‘Rendering’ is also used to describe the process of calculating effects in a video editing program to produce final video output.

Mental Ray

Mental Ray often stylized as mental ray, is a production-quality rendering application developed by Mental Images Berlin, Germany. It is a feature rich, high performance 3D rendering software that creates images of outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism based on advanced ray tracing techniques. It enables artists to create any imaginable visual effect by combining advanced global illumination with full programmability. Used by industry professionals for over 25 years, mental ray has become a standard for photorealistic rendering across the film, visual effects, and design industries. Mental Images was bought in December 2007 by NVIDIA. Mental Ray has been used in many feature films, including Hulk, The Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, The Day After Tomorrow and Poseidon.


Iray is a high-performance, global illumination rendering technology that generates imagery by simulating the physical behavior of light interaction with surfaces and volumes. Images are progressively refined to provide full global illumination, including caustics, sun studies, and luminance distributions.


V-Ray is a commercial rendering plug-in for 3D computer graphics software applications. It is developed by Chaos Group (Bulgarian: Хаос Груп), a Bulgarian company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, established in 1997. V-Ray is used in media, entertainment, and design industries such as film and video game production, industrial design, product design and architecture.[1] The company chief architects are Peter Mitev and Vladimir Koylazov.




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