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Professional Profile : Mr Matabaro works in the field of Information Communications Technology (ICT), whose primary role as a first line support technician has enabled him to turn his passion for technology and science into a successful career. Mr Matabaro is versatile, well organised and reliable with transferable technical and customer facing skills, he is a hard working team player who operates at an optimal level on his own initiative to provide value added solutions, and effectively communicating at all levels. He has proven to have excellent analytical abilities when resolving issues in a high pressure environment. He is a forward thinking individual who maintains a constant emphasis on continued personal and professional career development and progression, by actively seeking opportunities and projects that help him to do so.

Personal Profile : Mr Anthony Matabaro is a lifelong science and technology enthusiast, with a great interest in the arts and culture, history, classical literature, poetry, travel world cinema and music, in particular classical music the opera as well as modern styles such as dance rock, pop and dubstep. Mr Matabaro is also a keen cyclist and an avid walker who enjoys the outdoors and exploring new places. Mr Matabaro also has two active YouTube channels, with plans to create two additional ones in the near future.

My 1st YouTube Channel   =  AM – 3D – 360 – VR – IR – Thermal – Slow Motion – Videos

My 2nd YouTube Channel  =  Anthony Matabaro – A Variety Channel

My 2nd YouTube Channel  =  Anthony Matabaro – Tech


Currently Studding : MCSA, Microsoft Certified Software Associate, Windows Server 2008 / 2012

Primary Skills :

All Certificates Are Currently Up To Date And Valid.

Certified As                : CCNA
                                      CISCO Certified Network Associate, areas covered include, networking, routing, switching, security,
                                      cabling, etc.

Certified As                : ICSI Certified Network Security Specialist (CNSS)
                                      International CyberSecurity Institute (ICSI) provieds the Certified Network Security Specialist (CNSS) coures and certification, a holistic view of modern
                                      network security including, Security Physical & OS hardening, Standards, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, VPNs, Encryption and Security Policies.

Certified As                : PAT Tester
                                      Portable appliance testing (PAT) is used to examine electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use and meet IEE safety standards.

Certified As                : Equality And Diversity
                                      Equality And Diversity in the work place, areas covered include, legal requirements, liabilities employees and employers responsibility's,
                                      and how they can be applied to create a fair, harmonious and more productive working environment.

Certified As                : CITB SSSTS - Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme - Site Safety Pluse
                                      Areas covered include, legal requirements, liabilities, the health and safety at work act, behavioural safety, supervision of occupational health,
                                      specific site issues that challenge supervisors on a daily basis, effective toolbox talks.

Certified As                : CITB Health And Safety Awareness Course
                                      Areas covered include, legal requirements, liabilities, fire prevention, occupational health, working at height, work Equipment, how to 
                                      achieve a better practical standard of safety.

Certified As                : First Aider
                                      Trained and certified for First Aid in the workplace, areas covered include,managing an emergency, health and safety first aid regulations, communication
                                      and casualty care, bleeding minor and severe, resuscitation with adult CPR, head injuries etc.

Certified As                : Fire Marshal / Fire Warden
                                      Trained and certified as a Fire Marshal / Fire Warden, areas covered include, understanding of fire regulations and general fire precautions, fire safety
                                      legislation, Identifying fire hazards and minimising fire risk, fire drills and evacuation of the buildings / sites, action on discovering a fire, practical Use of
                                      fire extinguishers, common causes of fire, etc.

Certified As                : Traffic Marshall / Banksman Certificate And Card
                                       Trained and certified as a Traffic Marshals / Banksman, areas covered include, traffic management, traffic risk assessment, health & safety law on traffic management, dangerous manoeuvres reversing, HSE hand signals. 

Certified As                : PASMA Certificate And Card
                                      Prefabricated Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturers Association, safe alteration, erection, dismantling and documentation of mobile scaffolding.

Certified As                : IPAF Certificate And Card
                                      International Powered Access Federation, Operation of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) allowing mobile work at height for installation or inspection.

Certified As                : FFFP3 Moldex Mask Trainer And Tester
                                      Full Face Fit Protection Masks, Moldex Masks trainer / tester to certify employees for use with FFFP3 masks when the work environment requires it. 
Certified As                : CSCS Certificate And Card
                                      Construction Skills Certification Scheme card, which grants access to wide verity of working environments to provide ICT support or equipment installation.

Additional Courses   : CISCO Introduction To Cybersecurity (Earned a Networking Academy Badge for course Compltion)
                                      Explores cyber trends, threats & broader topics of cybersecurity, how to protect your personal privacy online, insights on the challenges faced by companies, governments and institutions.

Additional Courses   : CCTV - Internet Protocol (IP) Based (Earned A Certficate For Course Compltion)
                                      Internet protocol (IP) closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras send & receive data via the Internet but do not require any local recording device only a network. 

Additional Courses   : Intruder Alarms - Internet Protocol (IP) Based - Wired And Wireless (Earned A Certficate For Course Compltion)
                                      Unlike traditional 'dumb' intruder alarms, IP alarms can be designed & installed to integrate with other intelligent systems e.g. IT, access control, CCTV, video analytics & smart control rooms. 

Additional Courses   : WordPress - Web Design
                                      WordPress is a free open source Content Management System (CMS) that is used as a development tool for blogging an website creation that runs on PHP with a MySQL database.

Experienced As         : IT / ICT Technician
                                      Experienced as an Information Communications Technology (ICT) Technician or Information Technology (IT) Technician.

Experienced As         : Health And Safety Coordinator
                                      Attending health and safety meetings, raising issues, resolving issues, caring out inspections, forms, permits and H&A paper work. 

Experienced As         : Management
                                      Retail management, admin, purchasing, merchandising, hiring staff, money handling and stock taking.

Secondary Skills  :

Experience With        : Web Design
                                      WordPress, Dreamweaver, and HTML.

Experience With        : App Devlopment With Adobe Flash MX
                                      Games, Instruments, Quiz's, And Live Wallpapers or Animated Backgrounds.

Experience With        : Amature Robotics And Microcontrollers
                                      Arduino, Pine 64+ Raspberry Pi, Robot Operating System (ROS), and EZ-Robot Builder the EZ-B4.

Experience With        : Basic Domestic And Commercial Wiring
                                      1.5, and 2.5, as well as 3 and 4 core pules 5amp, CAT 5 and CAT 6 Ethernet.

Experience With        : DATA Recovery Tools And Techniques
                                      Linux, Windows, MAC, Android, USB Flash Drives And SD/MMC Cards ETC

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Thank you for visiting my site, Anthony Matabaro.

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