FLIR One Thermal Imaging Camera For Your Smartphone Review

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A Brief Overview And Summery Of The FLIR One :


The FLIR One is a small Thermal imaging device that plugs in to the micro USB port of an Android device or the lightning port of an Apple iPhone or iPad.

The FLIR One captures both still images and videos in the long-wave infrared part of the spectrum. The FLIR One is attached to your Android device via a micro USB connector in order to operate, however the FLIR One has its own built in USB rechargeable battery, so it dose not use power from you android device. The FLIR One will last around an hour on a single charge. The FLIR can be recharged through its own micro USB port.

The FLIR One combines its thermal imaging sensor with viable light camera to simultaneously provide an overlay that lets you easily identify what you’re looking at using a technique called MSX blending . The FLIR One also comes equipped with a Spot Meter. When the Spot Meter is enabled on the FLIR ONE it will display the estimated temperature of what ever you are pointing the FLIR One at in degrees C or F (Your choice) on the image as an overlay. The accuracy of the Spot Meter depends on a great many factors, including the distance from the object, the ambient temperature, and the emissivity of the material being observed.

FLIR stands for Forward Looking InfraRed and the One indicts that the FLIR One it the fist model of this type and is the entry level product in FLIR’s product rang. FLIR has been in business since 1978 when it originally sold most of its professional products to the military and later Fire and rescue services etc as well as the public in more modern times as units and price have both become smaller.

The FLIR One can trace it’s origins back to the above mentioned pioneering days and it’s pedigree shines through in terms of the quality of the design of the hardware and the development of the software application. Which are both very lightweight, robust, compact and very streamlined, especial the software application which will run on many an older device, so good news their.

Both the software application and the FLIR One unit are both very simple to operate The application takes advantage of the default image storage and sharing options for both Apple and Android as you would expect. One of the use full features of the FLIR One software application is the ability to reveal the visible light image from the companion digital camera by swiping down the thermal image which revels the low resolution digital image underneath. A number of  different palettes may be chosen, each highlighting different aspects of the thermal image such as showing the hottest or the coldest objects in the view. Moreover you can download more software for both Windows and Apple Mac which will allow more granule analysis and manipulation of the data (images).

Below are some example still images that I shot using the my FLIR One with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which I have taken from another one of my web pages on this site called = Thermal Imaging Camera – Pictures – Images – Videos – ETC.


Example Still Images From The FLIR One :


thermal_imaging_flir_one_00013_2018_01_07_anthony_matabaro_free_downloads_apps_games_projects_robotics_quizs_live_wallpapers_more thermal_imaging_flir_one_00092_2018_01_07_anthony_matabaro_free_downloads_apps_games_projects_robotics_quizs_live_wallpapers_more thermal_imaging_flir_one_00026_2018_01_07_anthony_matabaro_free_downloads_apps_games_projects_robotics_quizs_live_wallpapers_more thermal_imaging_flir_one_00040_2018_01_07_anthony_matabaro_free_downloads_apps_games_projects_robotics_quizs_live_wallpapers_more thermal_imaging_flir_one_0008_2018_01_07_anthony_matabaro_free_downloads_apps_games_projects_robotics_quizs_live_wallpapers_more thermal_imaging_flir_one_00087_2018_01_07_anthony_matabaro_free_downloads_apps_games_projects_robotics_quizs_live_wallpapers_more

My camera is the FLIR One the Android Version which has a video and stills image resolution of 480 x 640 with 1x digital zoom, which is a combined thermal imaging sensor and digital camera in one unit. This may not seem like much. However their are to points to be aware of, 1) for most uses and users this will be more then sufficient as you are looking for hot spots in an image, 2) This is an entry level thermal imaging device.

Below are some example videos I mad using my FLIR One with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which I have embed from one of my YouTube channels called = AM – 3D – 360 – VR – IR – Thermal – Slow Motion – Videos.


Example Footage From The FLIR One :


 UK, England, London, Canary Wharf – Thermal Imaging Video Of Ghostbusters Ecto 1 – Filmed August 2019


 UK, England, London, Canary Wharf – As Seen Through A Thermal Imaging Camera – Video 001 – Filmed 2019


As for the uses of the FLIR One, it is only limited by your imagination and creativity. For indoor use, you can use the FLIR One to check for breaks on door seals such as fridges and cookers etc. You can also use it to look for cables and power supplies that might be overheating. The FLIR One may also be used in IT and electronics, for examining components and device to find and determine where hot spots are and their underling cues. This is very useful for testing motherboards and CPUs and even more so for hard to take apart device such as laptops that may have blocked filters and fans. The FLIR One is also very useful for constitutions for checking behind inaccessible walls, ceilings and panels as well as checking roofing, insulation and windows for heat loss. The FLIR One is also great at showing residual heat from almost any sauce, from hands and feet on surfaces, to foot prints in the snow which are not visible to the naked eye. The FLIR One can also be used with machines to look at working temperatures, just piont it a number of parked cars and it will reveal which cars have recently been driven. can show people and animals at night or behind broken cover such as bushes or grass.


Summary And Conclusion :


The FLIR One is an excellent no nonsense entry level thermal imaging device for beginners and professionals alike that does exactly what it says on the label. Like may people that have seen a thermal imaging device on TV or in the movies (Robocop) I have also wanted one to add to my collection of gadgets and doohickey’s, the FLIR One makes that possible as it is so reasonable priced and affordable for what it does and the functionality that it adds to your arsenal of tools.

It is an excellent choice for the casual user, hobbyist as well as the professional looking for a maintenance tool for repair and monitoring purposes, as the FLIR One can aid problem identification and help reduce diagnostic time.

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