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London Skyline – Drawing – Silhouette – Buildings – Anthony Matabaro

This image is copyright Anthony Matabaro© – I have placed this static image hear as Google Chrome and Adobe no longer supports Flash Animation – Click on the link below and enable the Flash Play Plugin to watch this Animation of London I made – Thank You 🙂

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Robotics – Arduino And Pi Projects – 3D Modelling – Flash Animation – Apps – IT – Plus More


Hello Everyone, I would like to share some of my professional and personal interests, hobbies, passions and projects with the community.


I use Flash Animation to create Apps, such as Games, Educational Apps, Quiz’s for people studding for professional exams as well as for general knowledge and fun.

I also create Live Wallpapers or Animated Desktop Backgrounds as they are also known. I also have some ongoing robotics projects using Arduino, Pine 64, Raspberry Pi, ROS and EZ-Robot builder, more information on these can be found under the robotics menu at the top of the page.

I currently have two of my own channels on YouTube, one channel for my 3D Videos, both anyglph and SBS (Side by side). To my other channel I upload my 2d videos, my channels are listed below:



My 1st YouTube Channel     =    AM – 3D – 360 – VR – IR – Thermal – Slow Motion – Videos

My 2nd YouTube Channel   =    Anthony Matabaro – A Variety Channel

My 3nd YouTube Channel   =    Anthony Matabaro – Tech



I am also interested in 3D / CGI modeling using freely available software from the internet, however I am only a beginner when it comes to 3D modeling. The 3D objects I design, using the free software listed in my List Of Best Free AutoCAD / 3D Modelling Software, they are designed to work in programmers such as Orbiter, Celestia and other 3D environments, more information on these and other programs are available on my List Of Best Free Software. I have a number of WIPs (works in progress) such as Screen Savers, Games and more Educational and Professional Quiz’s on the way.

All of which are FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND USE from my Downloads Page, please Visit my Download Page, to begin downloading, you will also find help on how to install and use them, have fun and enjoy. 🙂


Thank you for visiting my site, Anthony Matabaro.

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